I tried outputting E60MA with Shapeways

E60MA N scale

Overseas 3D output serviceShapewaysThis is my first time using (Shapeways).First of all, I uploaded the data of his GE E60MA that was active in Amtrak.Select Smooth Fine Detail Plastic as the output material.I chose standard shipping, but it arrived in less than a week.It's a pain that the shipping cost is higher than I expected (lol) and the yen is weak lol

E60MA arrived

E80MA Shapeways shell

The straight parts come out better than my UV resin 3D printer.The details are coming out, but there are quite a few steps and streaks, so I think I'll need to sand them down.I feel like it's a little stronger than the normal UV resin that I usually use.An added bonus is that you don't have to worry about shrinkage like with UV resin.


I sanded mainly on the flat surfaces, as the details would be lost if I sanded. In E60MA, it is the silver part.Lightly apply on roofs and areas with details.


It seems better to degrease using IPA before painting.After that, I tried Surfacer>File>Surfacer.Once the base is prepared, the painting process is the same as usual.

E60MA completed

I used Microscale Decals and other self-made decals.Well, I guess it's like this (lol)

Amtrak E60MA

By the way, the E60MA I uploaded this time is BachmannE60CPI made it as a replacement body.Therefore, the power and pantograph will be reused from Bachmann.The coupler also has a coupler pocket attached to the chassis side to achieve body mount.Without this, body mounting is difficult.

In addition, please plant a horn and a handrail.For the light part, it may be a good idea to use an optical fiber with a diameter of about 1mm.Mask the inside and outside of the number board before painting.You can use the transparent body to turn on the light.I realized this later, but I regret that I should have masked the strobe part as well.

Closeup of E60MA (Shapeways shell)
Closeup of E60MA (Shapeways shell)

I don't know if there's a demand for it, but if you'd like, please do so ^^

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