N scale Amtrak turbo liner under construction (Part 1)

turbo linergrand central terminal stationIt's already been 30 years since I saw it and fell in love at first sight (lol)

1987.06 At Grand Central Terminal.

For some reason, there is no sign that this turbo liner will be made into a model, so I decided to try making my own while also studying 3D.If it's a full size N scale, it seems like it will take quite a while to 3D print, so I'll start with a short time.B train shortyI decided to try making one in one size.

How do you make a turbo liner with a simple shape?While I couldn't even use the software seriously, I was trying my best to create shapes.In the end, I decided to use the basic shape as my favorite.corel draw, and output the shape in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.I import the output file into Autodesk 123D design (free distribution has ended, currently Tinkercad) and create it into 3D.Simply put, the method involves drawing the gable side of the train and stretching it to create the car body.

Turboliner intermediate car

The lead car seemed difficult, so I started with the intermediate Turboliner car.The body is easy to make using the above technique.All that's left to do is cut out the windows and the vehicle is basically complete.

Rohr Turboliner Coach

Turboliner lead car

For the face of the lead car, we prepared a curved trapezoid and recreated it with a loft function.I made several patterns and chose the one that suited me best.

Rohr Turboliner Power car front

This is what it looks like by combining the face part and the body of the intermediate car that I made first.


When we actually put it out there, we encountered problems unique to stacked 3D printers, so we had to give up on various things and make repeated adjustments before printing.In the end it looks like this.

turbo liner

Rohr Turboliner power cars

There are still many issues to be solved, such as the roughness of the surface (lol)

part 2Continued (lol)


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