NJ Transit

NJ TransitCompared to other railway companies, N scale has not been commercialized much.Things have improved somewhat since Atlas started selling them.Perhaps, like other private railways, license fees and sales volume may be the reason for the lack of production.

However, thanks to 3D printing technology, it is now possible to make your own from just one car.With this, NJ Transit's lineup can also be expanded (^^).Anyway, it's a good time~

By the way, the predecessorC.N.J.Models are relatively easy to obtain as freight trains were also in operation.Many locomotives and freight cars are on sale.


NJ Transit has both diesel sections and electrified sections, so if you can model it, there will be quite a variety. It's a pretty interesting world, with perverts like the ALP-45DP, dual-purpose electric and diesel locomotives (lol)

NJ Transit PCC Trolley

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