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The information posted on this website may change without notice.Well, I think it's rare for it to be updated (lol)

We strive to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on this site, but since it is just random statements made by random men, there may be lies mixed in (lol). Please note that we are not responsible for any loss, whether direct or indirect.Any work, modification, repair, etc. introduced on this site must be done at your own risk.

We are participants in various affiliate programs.Some of the links may connect to other sites.Please note.In this blog, we only introduce products that we have actually purchased or used.I would be happy if you could actively step on it (ooo)

Regarding unauthorized diversion of images

Recently, image search functions have been developed, and unauthorized diversion can be easily detected.If images are reproduced without permission, a usage fee will be charged.Please note that even if you change the size or edit the image, it may be used without permission.If you are directed to a commercial site or a commercial site, we will take legal action if we do not show sincerity after issuing an invoice.For reference, past billing amounts are 50,000 yen per item x number of years (less than 1 year is counted as 1 year) regardless of the resolution used.In fact, we have multiple records of recovery from listed companies.It's very helpful as it gives me some pocket money.I'm also looking forward to marking other companies in the same industry that are already using it without permission.

About image use application

Commercial/Commercial guidance site/Affiliate site

To apply for image usage, please let us know the image you wish to use, the medium to be used, resolution, and billing address (company name, location, phone number) from the inquiry page.If we can accommodate your request, we will send you an invoice and high-resolution data (if available). (Reference price: 5,000 yen to 50,000 yen per item)

Your own site, doujinshi, etc. other than the above

To apply for image usage, please let us know the image you would like to use, the medium to be used, and the resolution from the inquiry page.It's basically free if you apply in advance ^^ I'd be happy if you introduced your name (lol)

About the viewing environment

In order to use this website more comfortably, we recommend the following browsers.

・Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher
・Mozilla Firefox latest version

It seems that it has been adjusted to the extent that it does not cause problems on smartphones, etc., but in some environments it may not be possible to use it or it may not be displayed correctly.

About trademarks

All company names, service names, product names, etc. posted on this website are trademarks or registered trademarks of us or each company or organization.
This website may include product names, company names, organization names, etc. for convenience.However, we have no intention or purpose to infringe on those trademark rights.

I wonder if the site policy should look like this (lol)


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