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amtrakstands for AMerican TRavel by trAcK, and its official name is National Railroad Passenger Corporation.Before its launch, it was called Railpax.This railway company was established on May 1, 1971, when the government took over the loss-making passenger division of a private railway company.Amtrak owns only the rolling stock and stations; the tracks are leased from private freight lines.*1, a slightly different railway company.

Amtrak's service area covers major cities in 46 states in the United States.The operating area is approximately 35,000 km, and the company owns 2,000 passenger cars and 450 locomotives.We mainly operate long-distance trains, but we also operate short-distance trains on the East Coast, near the Great Lakes, and on the West Coast.In addition, we receive commissions from each state and local government.metro link,caltrain,sounder,VRE,MARC,Shoreline East RailwayWe also manage the operations.

*1Some sections, such as the Northeast Corridor Line, are owned by the company.

Amtrak photographed in the past

Amtrak from 1986These photos were mainly taken in New Jersey.

Amtrak from 1987Photo taken before leaving New Jersey

Amtrak from 1994This is a photo taken in Illinois, where I studied abroad.

Amtrak from 1997Photos from a trip to New Jersey

Amtrak from 1999Photos from a trip to New York

Amtrak from 2014 Photos taken while visiting New Jersey

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