Homemade dummy coupler

Disadvantages of homemade vehicles

Couplers are often a problem when building N scale vehicles yourself.In particular, many overseas vehicles are long, and it can be a headache to think about curve countermeasures.usuallyMicro TrainsA manufactured knuckle coupler is mounted on the body side, but body mounting may be difficult in some cases, such as on power vehicles.Even if you are lucky enough to find a coupler that fits, there are many cases where the length is not good or it doesn't work.

Can I use a dummy coupler?

It's difficult to make a coupler with a knuckle mechanism like Micro Rains, but maybe it's possible to make a dummy coupler?With that in mind, I tried making a slightly longer coupler by imitating a commercially available dummy coupler.

Drawing in 3D

The connecting surface part was designed based on a dummy coupler that was lying around.On the other side, decide on the size keeping in mind the structure of the coupler pocket.All that's left is fitting and fine-tuning.

3D output

Printed with the UV resin 3D printer I always use.Output mixed with other parts.For now, it fit safely in the coupler pocket.Here is what it looks like with the dummy coupler installed.

It seems okay for now.What is the strength?However, since it is cheap, I think there will be no problem if I make a preliminary output.Regarding the length, it is convenient because as long as you have the data, you can easily change and output it to match the vehicle.I should have noticed sooner (lol)

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