Talgo Pendular 200 knuckle coupler replacement

talgo pendular 200

Manufactured by Electrotren (currentlyHornby) Talgo Pendular Amtrak passenger car set was released for the first time in a while.AmtrakThe paint job was a project from ER Models.

talgo set

When I tried to use Atlas' Dash8-32BHW for the Talgo's towing machine, the Talgo still uses the Arnold coupler.Most recent locomotives have knuckle couplers, so I took this opportunity to replace them with Micro Trains knuckle couplers.

Micro-trainsAccording to the site, number 1016 is the recommended coupler.I didn't have an unopened item on hand, so I selected something similar from the parts box (lol)

To replace/modify the coupler, first remove the body.Next, separate the chassis (dark gray) and inner (light gray).

On the chassis side, just below the door, cut off the black pillars that extend from side to side (see below)

Talgo chassis base cut position
Before processing on the left, after cutting on the right


For the inner one, drill a hole and screw the coupler on.

coupler installation

Just assemble it and fit it into the recess under the door.


Talgo coupler replacement comparison
After installation on the left, before modification on the right

This allows it to be pulled by many locomotives.

Dash8-32BHW and Talgo

There is also an adapter from Dapol that allows you to change from a NEM socket to a knuckle, but it seems to be lower than the height specified by Micro Trains, so you need to be careful. (Unconfirmed by myself) You should also do it lol


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