I made a Pullman Standard bi-level passenger car.


Suddenly Southern Pacific

AmtrakI got tired of making it, so I drew a 3D drawing of a Pullman Standard bilevel passenger car (gallery car).Bi-level means two stories.The simple shape makes it a perfect subject for a change of pace ^^ The passenger car I made this time is based on the one used in Southern Pacific Railway's Peninsula Commute Service.


Peninsula Commute Bi-Level Passenger Car

The Peninsula Commute was a commuter line connecting San Jose and San Francisco in California, USA, operated by the Southern Pacific Railway from 1870 to 1980.This time I made a bi-level passenger car that appeared after 1955.

There were three main types of Southern Pacific bi-level passenger cars.

1955 1st car Manufactured by Pullman Standard 10 cars Numbers 3700-3709
1956-7 secondary car Made by American Car Foundry 21 cars Numbers 3710-3730
1958 tertiary car Manufactured by Pullman Standard 15 cars Numbers 3731-3745

The window arrangement of the primary and secondary cars is similar, and the secondary carWheels of TimeSince it was already on sale, this time I selected the 3rd edition model.


Pullman bilevel 3D data creation

This third-order car, except for the number of windows.KatoorCon-corSince it is almost the same as the one released in , I created the data while referring to the model.


I didn't plan to pay too much attention to the design, but since the double-decker passenger car has so many windows, it feels cheap when it's empty (lol).I had no choice but to look at the interior, and even though I tried to gather information on the internet, this car was... No materials were found.Even though I was thinking about it, I couldn't make any progress, so I made it randomly (lol) I also used photos as a reference and attached parts from other cars for the under floor, but I don't know what I did (lol).


Output the body, seats, and underfloor using Anycubic Photon.I was able to output it without any problems.For the trolley, I used a leftover Con-cor I had lying around. The streaks that are typical of 3D printers were not very noticeable, so I painted the surfacer without much sanding.The gray paint was lightly sprayed with Tamiya German Gray.

It was too troublesome to order Southern Pacific decals, so I scanned them from my own passenger car.After inverting the image and adjusting the contrast, I printed it as a bitmap using the Alps MD-1500J.It's a bit annoying that the cut is rough (lol)

I painted it a dark red to give the interior a chic look, but once the body is covered, it's not noticeable at all.If you don't turn on indoor lights, bright colors seem to stand out better.In the end, I painted the seats plain red.This is what it looks like with the seat attached to the chassis.

Bi-level seating



southern pacific bilevel passenger car

Completed pullman standard bi-level.With this, you can create a 3-car train together with the Bi-Level you own.The passenger cars connected to the left and right are made by Wheels of Time.

Bi-level passenger car organization

Although Southern Pacific is out of scope, I am happy to have completed it.

Would you like to start using CAD iron with a 3D printer? (^^)

STL download page

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