Overseas NJ Transit Arrow-3 model production (Part I)

NJ Transit Arrow III

Arrow III type train.Running overseas, America, and New Jerseynew jersey transitThis is the train I saw in Newark when I was in NJ.This time I will introduce the model making (Part I).tomhayerIf you are watching this, this is a slightly old story (lol)

模型を作るにはそれなりの調査が必要なのですが、海外車両の場合、容易に実物を見に行けません。 なので、ネットにある画像や動画が頼りです。 しかし、希望の細部画像を見つけるのが想像以上に困難で、画像探しに数時間は当たり前。特に屋根上や床下周りは不明な箇所が多く、形状・位置・大きさの判断が大変難しいです。そんなわけで、一部なんちゃって仕様となっております (;^_^A

What is more difficult than the lack of materials is that I am a beginner in 3D modeling.First of all, it is important to know if you can make it with your own level of knowledge (lol). First, imagine how to assemble it using a simple three-dimensional object.The start was like this.

3d modeling test

Once I think it looks pretty good, I adjust the dimensions and add details.

3d modeling test stage 2

Further tuning.

NJ Transit Arrow III-3
NJ Transit Arrow III roof

Output it once to check how much detail is reflected and whether the dimensions are correct.


The atmosphere doesn't seem bad.The vehicle height was lower than I expected, so I made repeated adjustments to the details, such as lengthening it a little, making the windows smaller, and replacing the steps with the underfloor parts.The carving and thickness of the corrugated metal have also been readjusted.

NJ Transit Arrow III-4

I tried outputting it again.


I can't see the details very well with the skin color (lol) I'll check the image by adding silver and some decals.


It was generally good.I compared it with the Atlas multi-level passenger car that was released the other day.


I'm relieved that the height and dimensions of the vehicle are fine.
What else you need:

  • electrical parts on the roof
  • Horn
  • window glass
  • Under the floor of a dummy car
  • Underfloor parts for power vehicles

There are still quite a few left~ (lol) I'd like to complete one set by the end of the year, but I'm not sure (lol)

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