I bought a Life-Like EMD BL-2 diesel locomotive Boston & Maine.

BL-2 Boston & Maine

EMD BL-2 diesel locomotive.I've been interested in its unique style for quite some time, but since I've never seen the actual car and it's out of my scope, I haven't gotten around to buying it.However, the other day I found an affordable used item and bought it (lol)

The reason I needed a diesel locomotive from the Boston & Maine Railroad was because of the heavyweight passenger car set from the Atlas Trainman series that I had recently purchased.


Yahoo! AuctionsI bought it for my own use, but my watchlist didn't grow at all (lol), so I had no hope of selling it, so I sold it wholesale for myself.There's no need to sell at a loss (lol)

The N scale BL-2 is manufactured by Life-Like (currentlyWalthers).The product is about 30 years old, but the price and quality were not bad.I temporarily installed a Bachmann dummy knuckle coupler, but laterMicro-Trains LineI'm planning on purchasing a proper one.

Life Like BL-2 Front

Life Like BL-2 Rear

As you can probably tell by looking at its shape, the BL-2 was designed by adding a replacement deck to the hugely popular F-type diesel.At that time, Electro Motive did not have a vehicle model that met the demand for shunting machines, so they introduced this machine for their lineup.However, because of its unusual shape, it was locally called the Ugly Duckling.

B&M railroad

ugly?Maybe, but isn't it cute? (lol)

B&M train set

SL may be better for heavyweights, but I prefer BL-2 (lol)

actually,B train shortyUnfortunately, I can't drive it because I only have a layout for the office (lol). I need to make a layout for the office soon.yeah? (lol)


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