I made a transfer caboose (CN)

Candian National transfer caboose
Left and right asymmetry unique to CN transfer caboose

a little while agocanadian nationalSince I got the SD40-2W, I started making my own transfer caboose around the end of last year.It wouldn't be interesting if it was adapted from the American model, so I chose this model that is unique to Canada.The special feature of this Transfer caboose is that it has sleeves to ensure visibility and is asymmetrical.After all, the unique shape is appealing (eh)

Transfer caboose design

The structure of the caboose was changed several times, but this is the one we finally settled on.


roof and box part.At first I thought it would be easier to paint if they were separated, but considering the amount of work it would take to adjust the shape, I thought it would be less likely to cause distortion if they were integrated, so I ended up integrating them.


For flat shapes.However, this structure becomes waist-high if you secure enough height for the coupler box of the trolley.As a countermeasure, I thought about making a dedicated coupler mounting hole, but it was a hassle and the height was not very high.atlasI covered it with a trolley.If the slope isn't steep, it's barely safe.

end part

It was possible to release it as an integral part of the chassis, but it was made into a separate part in case of damage.What's more, by combining different endings, you can easily create imaginary caboose with different designs, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Small items

Doors, handrails, auxiliary lamps, chimneys, etc. are made into separate parts for easy painting.I wanted the handrail to be a little thinner, but there were some parts that would stick out in the air, so I decided to make it thicker for strength.

Caboose's first work

CN Transfer Caboose A

I made a pattern with the coupler mounted on the body, but the problem is that the coupler is a little low.The balance under the floor doesn't seem to be bad.

Caboose 2nd work

CN Transfer Caboose B

In order to stabilize the height of the coupler, I changed to a cart with an Atlas Accumate coupler.However, there isn't much height clearance between the body and the coupler, so I don't know what will happen on the slope (lol).The truck is closer to the end of the car, so there is some space under the floor.It might be longer than the actual car (lol)


Canadian National's caboose is basically vermilion + black, so it's easy.However, if you paint even the warning color parts, masking becomes quite troublesome.In particular, painting the sides of the underframe with yellow color is a bit troublesome, so I don't want to do it anymore.nextgundam marker(lol) By the way, the vermilion color is Tamiya's red with a little bit of yellow added to it (looks good lol)

It's a paint variation, but there doesn't seem to be any cases where it was used outside of CN, so there aren't many options.However, I have an ATCS test car with a special paint job, so I would like to make one.At the same time, I would like to change the CN-like fence at the end of the car and create an imaginary paint job.

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