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It was snowing so I took the commuter train (Tobu Tojo Line)

Recently, it has snowed twice in Saitama.I took the opportunity to take this photo of the Tobu Tojo Line on my way to work (lol)

Tobu 10030 series 14455

When it's snowing, the lights rotate, so it looks pretty bright.It was also easy to gain exposure.However, the lens got wet with snow, so many shots were missed.I was disappointed that I couldn't get the sharpness out.

I really like the sunny skies the next morning.50000 series top number at the nearest railroad crossing.The white reflector effect of the snow allows you to clearly see the area under the floor.

Tobu 50000 series 51001F

50090 series near the water park.If it's early in the day, the sides may also be properly illuminated.It's not possible because I can't get up early (lol)

Tobu 50090 series 51095F

The second snow of the day didn't accumulate much, but the atmosphere was good.Mt. Gonpei?2 points from nearby.

Tobu 30000 series 34415

Tobu 50090 series 51093F

I always go to work on time, so I just walk around and take pictures when the train comes.I don't really care about the shooting location (lol)

Every year around this time, Tom always remembers to make sure his camera is waterproof, but each time he takes pictures with one hand while holding a plastic umbrella ^^


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