I went to Musashi Takahagi Station 2018

I don't have any special feelings towards Musashi-Takahagi Station, but I had visited there when it was an old station building, so I decided to go there during Golden Week to relieve my lack of exercise.

The current state of the home.

Musashi Takahagi Station platform

As expected, the railroad crossing within the premises is gone (lol), but I found the remains of the railroad crossing at the tip of the platform ^^

Musashi Takahagi Station railroad crossing site

I think there used to be a station building in front of the railroad crossing, but I guess it was moved when it was rebuilt.This on-site railroad crossing was quite tasty and I'm glad.I'm taking a video of that time.I think I'll get it together soon.

This is a style of station building that is often seen these days.

Musashi Takahagi Station station building

The design seems to be somewhat reminiscent of the previous station building.You can feel it from the tiles and colors.By the way, the station building looked like this around August 2002.

Musashitakahagi Station

The feeling of a local JNR station is wonderful ^^ Around this time, the Japanese Warbler 103 series was also in service.

The station building and train cars have changed, but when I left the station for a while, I was relieved to see that much of the atmosphere from back then remained.It's nice to have something new, but it's also a bit sad to lose something old.

Well then ^^


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