[Overseas] Bombardier LRC Amtrak N scale production 3 (finishing)

Nゲージ アムトラック LRC

[Overseas] Bombardier LRC Amtrak N scale production 2 (output)Continued.

When printing with a 3D printer, distortions and print marks inevitably appear.It doesn't really matter to the naked eye, but when you take a close-up photo of the model, you can clearly see it (lol), especially if you finish it with gloss.This fix is ​​a primitive surfacer and file job.In some cases, putty also appears.

As you can see from the photo, there are step lines around the window.This printer doesn't seem to have anti-aliasing, so streaks appear at slight slopes.I tried to do my best with a file, but in the end I gave up on it (wow)

Amtrak LRC is white with red and blue.I cut corners on the white and went with a surfacer (lol).The blue has a slightly greenish (slightly turquoise?) feel to it, but I wanted to go with a beautiful image, so I decided to go with a brilliant blue.I went there.

Bright red is used for red.

The accent roof parts are silver.

The finishing letters were printed on decal paper using a Konica Minolta Magicolor 2530DL laser printer.The Amtrak letters on the front needed to be white, so I used Alps Electric MD-1500.Well, it feels good.

Well, for my first full set, it turned out pretty well.

This time, my goal was to complete it once and for all.Next time, we plan to try a full configuration again, taking into consideration the driving performance, interior of the car, and points for reflection.I don't know when it will happen (lol)

LRC production record ends lol

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