Atlas 60ft heavyweight passenger car arrived

Atlas 60ft heavyweight car set

Atlas Trainman released late last month.60ft heavyweight passenger carArrived.I'm a New Jersey fan, so I bought a set of Central RR of NJ (CNJ).

Atlas Trainman's CNJ set consists of 4 seat cars and 1 observation car.It seems that baggage and RPO are included depending on the railway.The prototype of the vehicle itself seems to be CNJ and C&NW, and other road names are "types" that are finished in that style.Since it contains some fantasy, it was released as part of the Trainman series.

Connecting part.It's nice and cool lol The set comes with a spare hood.
Sets with an observation car have a tail mark.
The back of the vehicle.Although there are some pipes under the floor, it is relatively simple.The wheels are also plastic.

Even though it's a low-priced Trainman series, 5 cars costs $180 (20,000 yen). Do you think this is cheap or expensive? The paper packaging is also a little strange. The sales in this area are poor.

Boston & Maine, Grand Trunk Western, New York Central, Milwaukee RoadYahoo! AuctionsIt's on display, so please check it out if you'd like.

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