I went to Oku Fureai Railway Festival

ballast regulator

Last week, I went to the Fureai Railway Festival held near Oku Station.This time, there was only one locomotive on display, so it was rather lonely, but my purpose was to see a large collection of working locomotives, so it was convenient. I'm planning to use a 3D printer to make an N scale track maintenance vehicle, so I visited to see the details with my own eyes.

ballast regulator Speno rail grinding car Harasco rail grinding car multiple tamper motor car

The only electric locomotive on display: EF65 500 series

ef65-501 Sakura

On the other side was the Izumo head mark.Also on display were the 185 series, 12 series, and E655.

Although I felt dizzy and sick, I was able to take some detailed photos, so I was very happy.Thank you to the lady who cared for me and called out to me on the way home when I looked sick.


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