I went to the Oku Vehicle Center to the public.

I took a break from work on Saturday morning and had a little fun. I went to JR East Oku Rolling Stock Center and Fureai Railway Festival.The target is the 583 series.On one side was Michinoku and on the other side was a temporary curtain.

583 series

Line up with Yuu.

583 series and Yuu

There are no overhead wires in Oku, so take advantage of the sky.

DD51 895 & EF65 501 & EF65 1115

The backlight makes the sky fly, so it looks a little strange, but it's HDR.

EF65 1115 & EF65 501 & DD51 895

EF81 81 on the turntable.

EF81 81 DewaEF81 81

EF65 is also good.

EF65 Izumo and Fuji

The DE10 red also felt good.

DE 10 1603 & DE 10 1751

When you look at it like this, it feels like things from the Japanese National Railways era are the centerpiece lol
I guess it can't be helped since there are a lot of boring vehicles in the JR era.

Although it was only in the morning, it was a satisfying day.


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