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Siemens ACS-64 electric locomotive painting

ACS-64 Original picture
The original drawing of ACS-64 is actually Unit 613.

The fictitious paint series for the ACS-64 Amtrak City Sprinter was created in bulk by a friend on Facebook.Just kiddingAmtrak Northeast Corridor RailfansIt all started when the group released the AEM-7 style Phase 3 paint job. The Phase 3 paint was also advertised on actual ACS-64 vehicles, creating a bit of a boom.

The image of ACS-64 isSeptember 2014himselfNew Jersey Elizabeth StationI processed it based on the photograph taken with .For the paint coloring, I used the old Micrografx Picture Publisher (acquired by Corel in 2001).The logo creation and placement work is done using vector graphics software.CorelDraw X4I usedA small number of people even hate Adobe Photoshop (bitter smile).

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