Modification of World Railways FP-7

Delprado FP-7 in UP

The EMD F series is a locomotive that is representative of America and has an impressive unique bonnet.There are quite a few models of the F series. F7 includes Kato, Life-Like, Lima, Bachmann, etc. F3 and FT are also available from several companies.Is the FP7 that we will be talking about this time just a little rarer compared to others?It is a locomotive.
The FP-7 N scale has been released by Model Power, and an upgraded version will be released soon.If you think about it that way, this remodeling might not make much sense (lol).So, for this modification, I'll do it in a random way (lol). Is it always a good idea? (Sweat)

First touch and check the body

シェルを見る限り、結構いい線行ってます。Fシリーズで不自然になりがちなナンバーボードもいい感じについてます。1575円と思えば上出来ですね。カ トーのF7には負けますが、Life-LikeやBachmannには勝てる品質ですね。スカートもプラスチックなのでそのまま活かせそうです。カプラー の穴も、少し広げるだけで使えそうです。面白いのは後ろのカプラーはNゲージ標準のアーノルド。客車でも引けってか? ただし台車と一体なのでマグネチックへの交換は出来ません。どちらにしても、動力に替えるので全く関係ありません(笑)
The paint gives it a cheap look.This doesn't matter as it will also be repainted in Amtrak colors.

Disassemble immediately

FP-45と同様、土台のシールをはがしてねじを取ります。されに車体裏のねじ2本をはずすとボディが外れます。ヘッドライト、側面窓、ナンバー ボードはバリバリ接着されてますので、再利用は難しそうです。私は、破壊して取り外しました。キャブの窓は、丁寧にはずせばまた使えそうです。ボディだけ にしたところで、ストリップショーの始まり。シンナー等に浸して塗装を落とします。私はMr.ColorのMr.うすめ液を使用してます。たまに吸い過ぎ て記憶が飛びます。ぉぃぉぃ
If you put a small amount of thinner and body into a Zip-loc and shake it, you can remove it to a certain extent without getting a bad smell.

Power for now

F40PH mechanism

I was thinking of using the extra power from the F7, but the FP7 has a longer body, so it's not suitable.So he decided to use the power from a rotten Life-Like F40PH.Most F40PHs have the same weight as the F7, so they can be used properly with the FP7.However, please note that the shape may vary slightly depending on the lot.If it does not fit, you will need to make adjustments by cutting the inside of the body or scratching the weight.

It was a little long as is, so I cut off the tip of the chassis frame.Then it's mostly OK.Although the rear coupler is longer, the length still fits the body.Next, I used a file to file down the fuel tank and hook on the power side, and adjusted the body width so that it would not expand.I took the trouble to create a groove on the inside of the body where the nail can catch lightly.It was easier than I expected.

body adjustment

Trimming skirt near fuel tanks.

When using Lifelike power, the cart is quite large, so it comes into contact with the skirt near the tank when making curves.So, I shave it off a little bit as shown in the photo on the right.I also widened the hole for the front coupler a little and at the same time glued the mounting seat so that the body mount coupler could be attached.The rear coupler is a shoddy truck mount.

and painted

Amtrak's paint is basically the same, so it will be almost the same as FP45. FP7 was only used for a few years after Amtrak's launch, so it is a Phase 1 paint job.Some of you may think you've seen the Phase 2 and 3 paintwork, but it's probably a photo of E8 or FL9.Let's be a man and decide on phase 1 here (whatever this is).
Paint the whole thing silver like FP45.Mine is Tamiya aluminum silver.I used Tamiya's Silver Leaf before, but it was too flashy and I failed (lol), and the top and bottom of the roof were flat black, and the front was Mr.Color.StaffShine red is recommended.This time I used Italian red, but it was still a failure (lol)

Setting Amtrak decals

For the decals, I used Microscale No.60-100.If you look at the photo of the actual vehicle, you can see that under the side window of the cab is "Amtrak" in blue letters, Arrow, and the chassis number in blue letters on the back.Both sides are common.Real FP7 numbers are 110-123, or 492,493.I used the familiar Set and Sol to apply the decals.

EMD FP-7 in Amtrak livery

after that

In the end, it was released by Model Power, so it was only half-hearted. If you want FP7, it seems better to buy the finished product (lol)

If you're looking for more detail, Intermountain also releases one.

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