Making a diorama with color boards – Tunnel Portal

Tunnel portal completed

tunnel portal

I've been doing a lot of research to see if I can make my own for railway layouts.So I decided to make one using foam color board sold at 100 yen shops.daisoThe color board looks like this.

color board

Some color boards have paper or non-woven fabric pasted onto the surface, but the one I'm using this time is made of foam board.It will dent if you apply a little force, but it has a characteristic that it is difficult to return.The strategy is to use these characteristics to draw masonry.Just lightly trace with a pointed object.The thinness of the protrusions and the depth of the digging are up to your preference.In order to draw a beautiful pattern, I placed markers at regular intervals in the unused areas and made indentations while matching them with a ruler.


Separate it into a tunnel portal shape.

tunnel portal

Shoo the gray spray that suits your hand.It looks like that now.

portal painting

Add ink to the dented areas or smudge the entire surface and you're done.

Tunnel portal completed

Tunnel portals are also available on Amazon etc.300 yen rangeIt might be a waste of time to make your own when you can buy it from scratch, but I personally think it's useful in cases where ready-made sizes don't work.It's also difficult to make with plaster.

You too ^^


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