Microtrains Trump Presidential Freight Car

Overseas, there is a trend of printing various things on freight cars and making them collector's items.The most famous one is the Christmas series, which is released every year.

There are other freight cars such as local beer, but the one we will be introducing today is the Presidential car series from Micro-trains in the United States.Recently, new freight cars have been released with the inauguration of President Trump.

As you can see, it comes with a photo of the president (lol). I bought it just for fun (lol). The train cars are of the high quality that only Micro Trains can provide.

Accessories include a pin badge and inauguration period decal. That's why 2017 is to the left.

Although the pre-order period was quite long, it was in short supply, probably because there were so many people like me who bought it on a whim.It doesn't seem like there will be any additional production, so there are some strong sellers selling it for $90 at overseas auctions (lol)

You too ^^


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