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[Overseas] Arnold EMD SW1 Amtrak arrived

Arnold's N scale diesel switcher, EMD SW-1, has been on sale for over a year.The store seemed to be running out of stock, so I decided to order it from overseas before it ran out.Although the name is Arnold, the actual sales seem to be done by Hornby.

With this release, Amtrak has two types of black painted 731 and 740.Even the shape of the cab's front window and headlights have been changed to match the number.Quite a commitment ^^

I chose 731.The cab windows are large and the lights are round.

Arnold EMD SW1 Switcher Amtrak 731

SW1 is quite cute.Compared to other switchers, the front and rear decks are wider.

EMD SW1 Amtrak 731 N scale
Arnold EMD SW1 Switcher Amtrak side view
EMD SW1 side view

The quality of the paint is not bad, and a knuckle coupler is included as standard.I don't know about the driving performance, but I don't think you can expect much traction considering its size.

I wanted Burlington Northern too, but my budget was limited (^^;
You too please lol

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