I made an ABB ALP44 electric locomotive.

ALP44 NJ Transit

Although it has been 2-3 years,ABB I made an ALP44 electric locomotive using a 3D printer.Before,Silicon copy AEM-7When I made it, I had already researched the power and dimensions to some extent, so it was relatively easy.However, I had a hard time creating the data because the software I'm using is not that good (lol)

Why ALP44?

NJ Transit ALP44

I've only seen ALP44 about twice, so I'm honestly not very familiar with it.However, since the operation period was too short, I selected it to serve as a memorial service (?).It's true that making an AEM-7 would be more useful, but I'm a perverse person (lol) Well, I'd like to make an ASEA AEM-7 someday.

ALP44 design

The structure of ALP44 is the same as the silicon copy AEM-7 that I made a long time ago.For the suspension, I used Tomix ED75/ED79 (No.2122 / 2123) like the AEM-7.We designed the body shell and trolley relief part to be placed on top in 3D.

body shell data
The trolley relief is designed to fit into the DT129.

Actually, I was planning to finish with these two points, but in the end I ended up adding a lot more.I made the bottom of the floor, and made separate parts for painting.I also built two types of air conditioner units on the roof.

Paint for now

I'd like to say that ALP44 is complete, but the details are still not in the shape I want, so I feel like I'm just trying out a trial coat (lol) For now, I've tried to reproduce the coatings of two companies that use ALP44.

NJ Transit (new jersey transit)

ALP44M NJT 4424

The one I wanted to make.Actually, there are two types of ALP44. Models 4400-4419 are ALP44. Models 4420-4431 are ALP44M to be exact^^

SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority)

ALP44 SEPTA 2308

Strictly speaking, SEPTA's side louvers are different.It seems like the windows open and close differently.Well, I might make a proper one eventually (lol)

The air conditioner was made like this.It's quite appropriate (lol)


Future of ALP44 work

This time, I used the power of an AEM-7 that I made a long time ago, so I used TOMIX, but the problem with this power is that the flange is high.Yes, Atlas Code 55 cannot be used.Also, my room is Code 65, but when I pass the switching point, I ride a little on the frog, so it sways around. As for DCC, I don't have the space to put it on, so I would like to try it again with a different power source someday.

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