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I made a model of a tie loader.

Tie loader production

Manufactured by Micro-trains at the end of 2019.ConrailI purchased a track maintenance gondola car + tie loader set (993 01 880). The set included unpainted parts for a tie loader (crane for sleepers), but somehow the quality was lacking. I took the opportunity to make one using a 3D printer using the accessories as a reference.

tie loader design

Basically, it was designed with almost the same specifications as the included tie loader.electronic caliperI made it by stacking the cubes while measuring the size.

The only difference is the driver's window. The one made by Micro-trains was the type that used black decals to disguise the windows, but I didn't really agree with that part (lol). So, I decided to design it with a hollowed-out window. However, at first glance, it didn't seem like much had changed (lol).

It was impromptu though

I drew this tie loader in one night, but it turned out surprisingly well. The problem was that the rail supporting the crane was slightly warped, perhaps because the curing was a little slow. However, everything else was generally good. Since the gondola was a Conrail, I made some Conrail decals and put them together. It might be surprisingly good.

It's a bit strange that only the crane is clean, but it's okay. I'd like to make a more detailed version of this one of these days.

Well then~

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