I went to the Omiya Railway Fureai Fair.


It's been a while (lol), but last month, on May 26th, I went to the Omiya Railway Fureai Fair.I had to work in the afternoon, so I only visited in the morning.

As usual, there are several EL and DL cars outside.

The usual DD51-842.

EF64 0 series and 1000 series.

EF64-1023 is sparkling clean just after refurbishing.ef64-1023

Inside the shop.
Omiya General Vehicle Center

JR cargo side.It was busy. EH500-16.EH500-16

EF65 in the process of being assembled.
EF65 being painted

I regret that I didn't get very good shots because I had some frustrating things going on in my private life that day (lol)


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